February 26, 2017

Director Dialog

Nearly one year ago, before Gift of Voice was an organization, AJ French coordinated a mental health education forum entitled “Say It Out Loud.”

One aspect of this forum was providing people with opportunity to dialog with the Illinois Division of Mental Health Director Diana Knaebe. Tremendous audience participation resulted in more questions than time allowed.  Director Knaebe graciously followed up to provide written answers for each question which you are encouraged to read.

With the true spirit of public service, Director Knaebe, Director Maria Bruni (Division of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse) and Director Greg Fenton (Division of Developmental Disabilities) have each welcomed the opportunity to participate in a similar Director Dialog during Recovery & Empowerment Day on May 25, 2017 in Springfield, Illinois.  This unique forum provides persons with mental health conditions, particularly individuals who participate in public human service programs, opportunity to have your own questions answered by statewide Directors.



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