January 30, 2018

Campus & Community

Join New Horizons, along with Gift of Voice, to hear the remarkable life experiences of AJ French.  French is a survivor of multiple suicide attempts and considered a subject matter expert on mental health recovery.  In 2014, she was invited to a White House Briefing on suicide prevention.  Since then, she participated in a mental health discussion with the U.S. Surgeon General, served as a member of the Illinois Delegation to improve Veteran Suicide Prevention and has spoken at national conferences.

Register today and invite everyone you know to join us on Friday, April 27th in Edwardsville.  Help raise awareness and prevent suicide by learning some basic tips on how to help yourself or someone you care about.


3 thoughts on “Campus & Community
  1. Steven Lomelino

    I will definitely attend this. Thanks for putting in the work to create Gift of Voice. It is amazingly in sync with the message of Insane Success: From Losing the American Dream, To Finding God’s Abundant Life and my reason for writing it (beyond the inescapable feeling that God wanted me to without filling me in on why). Is our connection God starting to unfold the answer to why he had me write this. I am again left in awe of how God orchestrates what I could never plan.

  2. Steven Lomelino

    You can tell by the grammatical errors above that God chose the most inept person to write a book. My editor, Jeanette Windle, more than earned her money. God blessed me greatly by bringing along the right person at the right time to bring the book to completion despite my ineptness and lack of funds. I trust Him to do the same for Gift of Voice.


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