Gift of Voice is a mental health and trauma recovery training center, operated primarily by individuals in mental health recovery.

Identity Statement

Our leadership consists of individuals with personal and professional experience in mental health and related fields.

Values Statement

  • We embrace Christian Values and strive to interact with one another in a manner which reflects the attributes of a Holy God.
  • We pursue optimal health, recognizing that personal wellness and group wellness are profoundly intertwined.
  • We elevate our collective voice by disclosing personal mental health experiences and dignifying disclosure from others.
  • We assert that decisions made about persons living with mental health conditions should be made with us leading the discussion and decision-making process.
  • We expect positive outcomes and work diligently toward them.

Vision Statement

Health & Wellness Across the Globe

Mission Statement

Our mission is to train, empower and advocate for mental health of individuals, communities and churches.

Board of Directors

AJ French, President

Mary Messamore, Vice-President

Rachel Paolucci, Treasurer

Alexus Griffith, Assistant Treasurer

Regina Crider, Secretary

Christina Akers, Assistant Secretary

Michelle Tibbs, Director

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